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Does your course lead to PR?

There are 606,780 international students currently studying in Australia spanning across a variety of different subject areas. As a home to some of the most sought after colleges and universities in the world, Australia is the 3rd most popular country for international students.

All students begin their studies with an end goal in mind – something they would like to achieve as a result of successfully obtaining their qualification. For most, a qualification is a pathway to a dream occupation and for many international students this desired occupation will help them to apply for future Australian visas.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has made some major changes to occupation lists and visa categories in 2017. This has left many international students wondering whether their course will still help them apply for their next visa. Many students are still to realise that their course is no longer a suitable pathway to permanent residency and continue to pay tuition fees for a ‘dead-end’ qualification.

A high rate of international students are also being instructed to enroll in the wrong course by their education agent. Students are often encouraged to enroll in courses that do not suit their goals and do not provide options for permanent residency. This incorrect advice is costing student thousands of dollars and years of hard work.

Selecting a course that suits your goals requires extensive planning and a well thought out strategy. All factors influencing future visa eligibility must be considered in order to select the best course for you. It is important to have an agent that is willing to make a plan to PR. With the ability to change courses while on a student visa there is still a solution for all international students who fear they are studying a ‘dead-end’ qualification. With a proper PR plan in place you can ensure you are not wasting your time, money and effort on the wrong qualification.