Pathway to Permanent Residency

Discover How A Student Visa Can Help You Attain Permanent Residency in Australia

If you have plans to study in Australia, you may have also been considering the prospect of gaining permanent residency (PR). There are many international students who wish to apply for PR after they graduate.Here, at Active Migration Education, we have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to get PR.

We pride ourselves on creating a plan from the outset. Not only do we want you to successfully study in Australia but ensure that the Australian qualification you study allows you to achieve permanent residency.

We’ve Helped Thousands Of Students Acquire Permanent Residency & Want To Help You Too! ​

PR planning is an important aspect of deciding the appropriate course for you. Active Migration Education holds the belief that everyone should have a visa strategy and not just a visa. This also applies to studying – Everyone should have a career plan and not just a course of study.

When creating a PR plan it should consider all of the options, analyse each one based on the person’s current situation and determine the best, most efficient way to achieve their end goal. A good plan is flexible, it has contingencies, is goal orientated, and definable.