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Student Visa Assessment Level Changes

After changes to the Australian Student Visa System in July 2016 all education providers and all countries are allocated an immigration risk rating. The student visa assessment levels are now determined using a combination of the education provider where the student intends to study and the student’s country of passport. Your combined assessment level will determine the evidence required in order to have a successful visa application.


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection reassess the immigration risk ratings every 6 months, using recent visa compliance data. This means that assessment levels will change for certain countries and education providers and can ultimately alter the documents required for your student visa application.


The next assessment level change will occur on 31st March 2017.

If you have any questions or require assistance in determining your assessment level contact Active Migration Education on:

+61 8 61026565 or info@activemigrationeducation.com.au.

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  • Kimberly Dominic

    Hello good day,

    My name is Kimberly, I want to make inquiries concerning visa to study in Australia. I am a Ghanaian by citizenship but currently in the Philippines studying but I am done with my studies here in Philippines. I want to apply to continue my studies in Australia. Please I want to know if I can file in my visa application here in Philippines, I already apply to a school in Australia, and I got the admission, I wrote my IELTS exam also here in the Philippines and did great.
    Now the agent who is assisting me for my applications here in Philippines is scared to file in my application because they said the immigration might question them because I am not from Philippines but Ghana.
    So please can I file in my application for Australia visa while I am in the Philippines even though I am a citizen from Ghana. And also I am done with my studies here in the Philippines.
    Hope to hear from you soon and thank you.